Scholarships & Bursaries 2016/17

All full-time undergraduates on a three year course will receive at least £450 in financial support.

Welcome Package

The ֱ Welcome Package is one of the most flexible support packages of all British universities that gives students choice about how they choose to spend their money, whether it be on identified additional course costs, extra curricula activities on campus.

Students can also choose to use their welcome package to pay their deposit towards a Go Global overseas trip

Your Beds Money Card

The Welcome Package is worth £450 in total over three years, eligible students will receive £300 'Your Beds Money credit' to spend at John Smith's bookshop on books, additional course materials*, or a range of other services on ֱ campuses.**

Students will also receive £50 print credit in the first, second and third year.

The Welcome Package is available to all new first year full time undergraduate UK and EU students domiciled in the UK who pay the maximum tuition fee for a BA/BSc course.

Full-time undergraduate NHS students are also eligible for the Welcome Package provided they are studying a three year BSc degree.

Welcome Package
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Your Beds Money Card £300 N/A N/A
Print Credit £50 £50 £50

Students will automatically receive their ‘Your Beds Money Card’ at registration and do not need to apply for the welcome package.

*Applicants will be notified of any additional course costs prior to registration, most of which can be purchased with your ‘Your Beds Money Card’.

**The University is extending the use of the ‘Your Beds Money Card’ to be used on a range of University services including: Go Global deposit and Aspire Gym membership.

Foundation Year Degree Bursary

All full-time, new UK students (or those EU students that are UK domiciled) undertaking a degree with Foundation Year in 2016 will be eligible to receive a Foundation Year Bursary, worth £1000.

This is a bursary for those undertaking the Foundation Year as part of an integrated four-year degree. Note that those in receipt of the Foundation Year Degree Bursary in 2016/17 will not be eligible to receive the Your Beds Money Card in subsequent years.

UCMK Bursary

The UCMK Bursary is for new entrant first year UK or EU students who are entering a full-time undergraduate degree programme at our Milton Keynes campus (UCMK) in September 2016 and who are paying the full £9,000 tuition fees.

Other scholarships and bursaries

Sports Scholarships

Sports Scholarships are available for students who have a record of performance in sport and who aspire to train and compete at the highest levels.

Care Leavers Bursary

The Care Leavers Bursary is available to students who are "open to care" and supported by their local authority leaving care service.

Additional support for students

The University also offers practical support to students who get into financial difficulties.

Please contact for information on what help is available.

Jubilee Scholarship 2016

The Jubilee Scholarship is for third year undergraduates at the ֱ planning to progress to full-time postgraduate study at the University.

The Jubilee Scholarship offers a full fee waiver for UK/EU students who go straight onto a full-time Master’s degree with us in September 2016*.

*Excludes PGCE & MBA


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